Solar Day Lighting System in Dubai

Efficient and cost-effective day lighting systems that are engineered to capture the sun’s rays and effectively pipe
them inside your home to give you a brighter space that doesn’t affect your electricity bill. At Fefco we ensure the fastest installation solutions that don’t require any structural changes.

Better working environment
The high quality light diffuser used in our day lighting system creates for a better working environment by maintaining ambient temperatures and creating superior color renditions to give you a soft glow that is ideal for lighting up a dark room

solar daylighting system dubai

Health benefits
Artificial lighting is not only costly but can seriously affect your eyes and cause other health problems. Minimizing the use of artificial lights by installing Fefco’s daylighting system is proven to help improve health conditions and reduce sick leaves. By channeling direct sunlight into your homes, the daylighting systems provide a natural source of Vitamin D that is essential for your general well being.

Reduced energy use
Our Daylighting systems are designed beautifully to enhance and compliment the interiors of your house or facility while providing a completely free source of light. You not only save on your electricity bill but also reduce the maintenance cost of changing lighting bulbs & lamps that unlike our daylighting systems are not guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Ingenious designs
Our daylighting systems are engineered to work with a variety of roof types house, warehouse, portacabins & industrial facilities.
The seamless steel construction and round design eliminate any chances of leaks. At Fefco we ensure an almost zero maintenance system that is economic and stylish.