Solar hot water system supplier in Dubai. Ariston Helien Solimpeks
Ariston Solar hot water system

Thermosyphon system Solar Water heaters are a reliable energy-saving tool widely used for residential and industrial applications. Our Solar water heaters are equipped with high efficiency solar thermal collectors and long-lasting stainless steel water tanks that help maintain optimal efficiency throughout the year. We are committed to providing
conventional designs that require minimal space without compromising on the performance.

Large Scale Industrial Forced Circulation system A forced circulation for a solar water heater is an installation in which the water circulates inside the circuit driven by a pump. With a forced circulation system, the movement of water in the closed circuit is forced by a pump. This feature makes a big difference with respect to sanitary hot water installations with thermosyphon. In this way, it artificially moves the hot water, not to the highest point of the closed circuit, but it does so from the solar collectors down to where the accumulator is located. In devices with forced circulation must control the pump so that only drives the water at times when it may be energy gain (a time when sunshine and therefore, the fluid temperature sensors exceed the of the accumulator). Avoiding energy waste during night hours or in which the received solar radiation is insufficient.

The differential thermostat is the device responsible for this function. The differential thermostat continuously compares the temperatures of the collector and the accumulator by switching the pump on or off depending on which temperature is higher. Usually installed for Labor camps, hotels, laundries & other industrial facilities requiring Large Hot water demand with Central Water heating.