grp water tank supplier in uae

Glass-reinforced plastic or GRP water tanks are made with a plastic matrix that is reinforced by fine fibers of glass. Being inexpensive, lightweight, and extremely strong and robust, this material has become extremely popular with water tanks. At Fefco we provide water tanks with excellent insulation of GRP. with eco-friendly polyurethane heat insulating material. that prevents freezing and water condensation. The non-woven fabric with high-quality adhesion inside GRP insulated panel ensures shape stability for a long period.

Advantages of GRP panel water tanks:

UV and weather-resistant
1 Whether you place them outside or inside. the GRP water panel tank will continue to function reliably despite the weather changes.

High strength and durability
2 GRP water tanks are naturally more stronger and durable than the traditional tanks and can easily withstand the regular wear and tear.

3 Our GRP panel tanks are designed with extreme precision so that the separate panels fit together perfectly and cause no leakage at any point.

Easy maintenance
4 The simple hollow design makes it extremely easy to clean the GRP water tanks and maintain it without much hassle.

Low thermal conductivity
5 The GRP water tanks do not conduct any heat which allows the water to maintain its original temperature.